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    Apart from the normal hair shedding during the growth stage and seasonal changes, there are other reasons for the dog hair shedding, especially the serious hair shedding phenomenon. So we should find out whether there is any human reason for the dog hair shedding! Here we introduce 7 causes of dog hair shedding, hope to help you!

    1. Skin diseases: After dogs are infected with skin diseases, such as mites, fungi and other parasites, folliculitis or eczema caused by bacteria, or there are a large number of dog lice and fleas, which will also cause a large number of hair shedding. Dogs will scratch their fur with their claws and teeth because of itching. They will also scratch off a lot of hair.

    2. Eating too much salt: Dogs need different salt from humans. Eating too much salt will cause hair shedding, including spicy and irritant food. In addition, eating too much salt will cause the dog’s visceral load to increase. Dogs should eat dog food with professional nutrition ratio.

    3. Bathing dogs with human shampoo: The acid-base of dogs’ skin is the opposite of that of humans, so using human shampoo to bathe dogs will cause dandruff, pruritus and a lot of hair shedding. Choosing appropriate bath gel and hair protecting element for dogs can effectively nourish hair and prevent hair falling.

    4. Malnutrition: Dog malnutrition, unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals will also cause hair shedding.

    5. Frequent bathing: Some owners will bathe the dog frequently in order to be clean, which will damage the acid-base balance of the dog’s skin and cause hair shedding.

    6. Too little sunshine time: Sunshine is good for dog fur health. Lack of sunshine will also cause dog hair shedding.

    7. Emotionalized hair shedding: Fear, tension and anxiety will lead to hair shedding of dogs, so the owner should often interact with the pet to appease and eliminate the pet’s tension and fear.

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