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    How should we take care of dogs in summer? For example, in hot summer, food poisoning should be avoided, tableware should be kept clean at any time, any leftover food should be poured out, and it’s better to smell whether there is corruption before feeding.

    1. Always prepare cold water. Dogs only have sweat glands on the soles of their feet, so they often can’t stand the heat, and spit out their tongue to breathe and regulate their body temperature, so it’s best to always prepare cold water for dogs to drink.

    2. Pay attention to the residual food. In summer, pay attention to avoid food poisoning, keep the tableware clean at any time, as soon as there is residual food, it should be poured out, and it is better to smell whether there is corruption before feeding. In addition, the dog should be given high protein food to supplement nutrition.

    3. The location of the dog house. In summer, the dog house should be placed in the shade where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation. If possible, the dog house should be moved timely. If it can not be moved, it is better to create the shade with bamboo or wood.

    4. After removing mosquitoes. Put the dog house in the dark, you must also be careful of mosquito invasion. Mosquitoes are the vectors to infect filariasis. In order to prevent mosquitoes, it is better to prepare mosquito repellent incense for dogs. Insecticides can also be used as insecticidal lamps.

    5. When installing the air conditioner. Indoors, be careful not to let the wind directly blow to the dog. If the air conditioner is too cold, it will also cause damage. In particular, dogs should not be allowed to go in and out of the air conditioner room frequently, so as to avoid adverse effects caused by too large temperature difference.

    6. Avoid walking in the middle of the day. Walking in the hot middle of the day is easy to get heatstroke, so it’s better to take a walk in the cool time in the morning and evening.

    7. Skin care. Eczema is most easily caused in summer. Special attention must be paid to the skin condition. Dogs with strong body odor can take a bath, and the effect of using medicated soap is better. Spoilage food may contain bacterial toxins, which cannot be destroyed even by high temperature treatment. Dogs eat food containing toxins, which can cause food poisoning. If not treated in time, they will die.

    Therefore, if the dog has vomiting, diarrhea, general weakness and other symptoms soon after feeding, it can be suspected of food poisoning, and should be promptly treated by a veterinarian. In summer, dogs and people will lose a lot of water, so it is important to make them replenish water in time, to ensure that there is clean and sufficient drinking water in the food basin of dogs. It should be noted that tea, juice and other drinks have no additional benefits for dogs. Milk may cause skin problems for dogs with sensitive constitution. As for alcoholic drinks such as beer, they should be absolutely prohibited, because their intestines and stomach cannot bear alcohol. Therefore, the best drink for dogs is water.

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