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    Pomeranian dog is precisely because knowing that convulsion is a very serious thing for Bomei, so when the owner finds the dog convulsion, he is often at a loss for a moment. In order to solve the problem in the first time, the owner must know what causes Bomei convulsion.

    1. In the low temperature season, dogs are easy to twitch because of the cold. As long as the owners keep the dogs warm, they will not have convulsions. In order to help the dog keep warm, the owner had better not shave the dog often in winter.

    2. Lack of calcium in Pomeranian will also lead to convulsion. Generally speaking, dogs who have been eating dog food are not likely to have this problem, because the calcium content in dog food can fully meet the needs of dogs. However, if the owner often feeds the animal liver to the dog, they may have calcium intake interference and lack of calcium. In addition, if the owner cooks for the dog himself, they may also be short of calcium due to insufficient calcium intake. When the dog is convulsed due to calcium deficiency, the owner should supplement them with calcium in time.

    3. Many diseases will cause dog convulsions, such as epilepsy, hydrocephalus, encephalitis, tumor, canine distemper, rabies, parasitosis, poisoning, etc. If you can’t judge what kind of disease the dog is suffering from, the owner is better to take the dog to the pet hospital for examination immediately. Once the dog is diagnosed, the owner should treat the dog immediately. If the dog suffers from some infectious diseases, the owner also disinfects the articles in the home. For families with more than one dog, the owner needs to keep healthy and sick dogs in isolation.

    4. Puppies, in particular, tend to twitch irregularly when they are beaten, scolded, frightened or extremely frightened. For dogs that are not in serious condition, the owner can eliminate the symptoms as long as he is appeased more. For dogs with psychological shadow, the owner may need to cooperate with the veterinarian to give the dog some medication.

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