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    Autumn is the season of dog hair changing, no matter long haired dog or short haired dog is spared. Many people will think that dogs shed a lot of hair during the changing season, and it will be very difficult to clean. Following will tell you some reasons why dogs lose their hair.

    1. Do you often groom your dog? Combing your dog’s fur often helps reduce the accumulation of fur caused by normal metabolism, and makes your dog’s fur stronger and smoother. Did you find that the forehead that you often touch is very smooth and has less hair loss. The dog is also very comfortable and spirited.

    2. Do you often put your dog indoors, with little exposure to sunlight? There is a certain relationship between serious hair loss and long-term activities in the room. Good sunlight helps to keep the dog’s fur healthy.

    3. When it’s hot, have you ever bathed frequently? This is equivalent to plucking! Too much Bathing will destroy the normal protective material of his fur, which will also cause him to lose too much hair. Even in the changing season, it’s very diligent to wash once every three days.

    4. Usually, wet towels can be used to wipe the dogs coming back from the outing. You can’t use your shampoo. Dog’s skin tends to be neutral, and most of our shampoo is alkaline. You’ll dry his skin, and bacteria and mites will come in. Cause serious hair loss. You should use your dog’s special hair washing water to love him.

    5. Where do you often take your dog for a walk? If it is grassland, Bush, forest and other places, the dog’s fur is likely to have been infected with mites or fleas or even intestinal parasites. These will directly lead to serious hair loss. See if there are black spots on your body, and think about whether there are white spots in your feces. If there are any of these phenomena, take medicine as soon as possible. At present, there are tablets, drips, disposable and reusable. Just choose one. Pay attention to the brand. Some inferior products may cause them to be poisoned. In addition, it is necessary to take some anthelmintics in spring and autumn.

    6. Do dogs still eat dog food? You can’t follow what you eat. A dog’s saltiness can also lead to hair loss, even partial hair loss. Including sweet, spicy, irritant, and flavoring foods can cause hair loss. Dog food is salty, which can ensure their muscle strength, but has professional proportion control. The salt content of our meals is definitely too high. The long-term intake of these things will affect the fur of dogs. Dogs always like the things in your job. If you have to give them to eat, you’d better boil them with water, which will help their fur a lot.

    7. What else did you eat besides dog food? As mentioned above, you can’t eat too much. But we can’t just eat dog food. We should give some nutritious food when appropriate. Otherwise, the hair will fall. Two month old dogs can eat a little boiled egg yolk and steamed carrots. Adult dogs can eat some bones and special nutrition for pets with auxiliary effect on fur! Poor breeding will definitely cause serious hair loss.

    8. No matter which of the above behaviors you have, you still need to prepare the following things when you enter the autumn hair changing stage. The first step is to use the special bath products for pets, wash them thoroughly and carefully, wipe off the water quickly and blow them dry with a wind tube, and comb the dog’s fur until it is smooth and smooth. The second step, medication, use of drops, after each bath in his back straight four points and four soft place under the armpit daub. Take the insect repellent together. The third step is to feed dog food regularly, regularly and quantitatively, once a week for bones, and give an egg yolk when it is convenient. At the same time, the place to go out should be changed to an open place, so as to reduce the stay time on the grass and in the trees and ensure his sports volume.

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