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    The long hair of the Papillon Dog should be trimmed regularly, so as to keep it in a complete and beautiful shape. The Papillon Dog needs to be sheared, but before it is sheared, it should first understand the method and specific steps of trimming. In accordance with scientific methods for the Papillon Dog hair.

    The first step is to get the tools ready before you officially cut the hair of the Papillon Dog. Such as a piece of cloth, scissors, combs, combs, nail nails and ear powder.

    The second step is to spread the steps on the floor or on the table, so as to prevent the Papillon Dog from slipping. After laying the steps, let the Papillon Dog stand on the cloth.

    The third step is to comb the hair of the Papillon Dog. Especially the tangled hair should be combed. Of course, if it can’t be combed, it’s necessary to use scissors to trim properly.

    Step 4: after the hair of the Papillon Dog is dredged, you can start to cut it. Pay attention to the overall trimming. It’s better not to shave the Papillon Dog.

    Step 5, the head, neck, both sides of the body, feet and other too long hair should be cut short first. And then slowly decorate the hair according to the standard shape.

    Step 6: after trimming the head, ears and other parts, you can trim the hair on the toes. When building, it must be noted that the hair on the toes should be cut clean, and at the same time, it should not be damaged. The hair on the bottom of the poodle should also be trimmed. Because the long hair is easy to stick to the dog’s stool, which is easy to cause the dog to produce body odor, easy to infect bacteria and parasites.

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