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    Do dogs need to eat vegetables every day? In fact, dogs, as a kind of carnivore, do not need to eat vegetables. In addition, there are plant fiber and vitamins in dog food. If your dog mainly eats dog food, you don’t need to make vegetables for your dog every day. But after all, not all vitamins and vitamin elements can be decomposed from meat. So if you make your own recipe for your dog, it’s OK to add some vegetables to your dog from time to time in order to balance its nutrition.
    What can dogs eat? Most dogs can eat a small amount of vegetables, such as cabbage, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini and other common vegetables, dogs can eat some. But some vegetables are not suitable for dogs, such as onions. The dog will get hemolytic anemia after eating, and even kill the dog. All in all: it’s OK for dogs to eat a small amount of vegetables, but it’s unnecessary to add them specially every day. Dogs are not human beings. They don’t need to eat vegetables every day.

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