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    Many beauticians know that dogs rely on their own hair to control their body temperature. Hair is the dog’s umbrella. It can keep out the cold in winter and heat in summer. But many dog owners think they know better about dogs hair and shave their dogs at random in summer. This is bound to lead to a summer evening, the streets are all smooth dogs. Of course, there are also many pet shop beauticians, who are amateurs themselves. They even suggest that the dog owner shave his whole body in summer. If you meet a beautician like this, please believe that he or she is definitely a player who works without any professional training. Following will tell you a few disadvantages of shaving dogs.

    First, some dogs’ skin is very sensitive. Shaving is the first time for them to shave with people who have not shaved The beard is also very uncomfortable. The intelligence of dogs is not as high as that of people. As long as they are a little uncomfortable, they will try their best to scratch and scratch until they are scratched and bloody. At this time, the owner of the dog will blame the beautician and say, “you’ve shaved my dog. What do you think?”.

    Second, many people will find that in summer, dogs are not as active as before, they are easier to breathe and get tired, because they are really hot. In the beginning, I said, dogs can’t be insulated without hair.

    Third, there are many kinds of mosquitoes in summer. If you shaved all the hair of your dog, your dog will be suffered from mosquitoes.

    Fourth, some owners will find that every time the dog shaves, the quality of the hair will get worse, coarser and harder. Some even change color.

    So it is suggested that dog owner spend 5-10 minutes grooming your dog every day. Don’t wait for the knot to regret not sticking to it. Don’t tie a knot, just want to go to the pet shop and shave!

    Keep your dog’s hair smooth, not only to prevent many skin problems, but also to make a beautiful shape! You can ask for short and fresh, remember! Don’t shave!

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