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    It’s cold in winter. We all wear thick down jackets. Will dogs be cold? Should dogs wear clothes in winter? Seeing other dogs dressed beautifully and lovingly, do you want to dress your dogs? Before putting on clothes, it is advised that you to think about which kind of dog should be dressed:

    Long haired dog does not need to wear clothes: Dog is not a very cold animal, most of the dog’s body surface defense is enough to withstand the cold in winter. Some dogs have very long and thick hair. Like many shepherds, long haired dogs or sledges, they will not only have thick hair, but also grow thick down in winter. It is unnecessary to dress such dogs.

    Short haired dogs that are strong or prone to gain weight don’t need to wear clothes in winter: It’s more for short haired dogs. But even if your dog is short haired, it’s not 100% necessary to dress it. Dogs like myna, bullfighting, dachshund and so on are easy to get fat. In winter, they don’t have to be dressed. Their body fat is enough, so dressing dogs sometimes affects their sports. And for dogs with strong bodies such as speckles, Labradors, Great Dane and Rowena, they don’t need to be dressed to resist the cold in winter, because they are very strong, and excessive protection will reduce their resistance. The dogs with short hair and thin body should wear clothes in winter. The most obvious example is Chihuahua. This kind of small dog is very thin and doesn’t have thick fur protection. It’s born to be a child growing up in a greenhouse. When it comes to the cool wind in autumn, they will shiver when they go out. Moreover, because the dog is thin and weak, it is easy to get more and more serious if it is ill. When it’s cold, dress it It’s very good for it.

    If your dog is not a Chihuahua, but also has this feature: thin, short hair, poor physique, in the winter when they are also best to consider a few small clothes to protect them from the cold. In general, most dogs don’t wear clothes in winter. Of course, if your dog is very cute in clothes, you really want him to show off outside in small clothes. You might as well let him go out in clothes occasionally, but sometimes it’s good. You don’t have to do this every day. It’s not necessary for him to get used to wearing clothes. He didn’t wear clothes to go out in a cold day and came back with a cold.

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