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    Many pet owners are told when they keep dogs: never give them ice water! So it’s not safe to feed the dog with ice water? If you do an online survey about whether you can give your dog ice water, you will find that there are many answers and even many information are contradictory. In recent years, even if your dog is panting in the hot sun, don’t give him ice water. But why?

    First of all, if the dog is fed cold water, the dog is prone to flatulence, which will cause gastric distention – torsion. Medically known as GDV, it is the expansion of the stomach and the rotation of the mesenteric axis, which will block the blood supply of pets. If not handled properly, it will cause necrosis of gastric wall. Serious cases result in death. Don’t let dogs drink cold water. Gastric distention torsion is actually a serious acute disease in veterinary medicine, but is it caused by drinking cold water? The answer is No. In fact, the bigger reason is that the dog quickly swallowed too much water at a time, and swallowed a lot of gas together. We also know how cool it is to give the dog some ice water when he is out of breath. But in order to avoid gastric distention and torsion as much as possible, it’s better not to give ice water. Unless your dog gets listless because it’s too hot, it’s dangerous to drink too much water at a time. Usually the dog will spit out after drinking a lot of water too quickly. If you don’t spit out, you should worry about your stomach. Or think about it like this: what happens when you drink a large glass of ice water when you feel very hot? This coolness usually brings pain and discomfort. It may be harmless, but it will make you or your dog feel very painful.

    On the other hand, it can lead to broken teeth. We have seen a lot of cases in clinical. Although the broken teeth are not always caused by ice, the broken teeth are caused by chewing ice in dogs. It’s usually painful and requires surgery to extract teeth, so pet owners are definitely not worth the risk. Supercooling can also cause vasoconstriction. When you want the dog to cool down, feeding the dog cold water will not only not cool down, but also prevent the dog’s heat exchange and absorption of nutrients. Cold water also slows down cell metabolism and inhibits muscle contraction in certain organs (as well as organ related nerve activity). Cold and contraction also affect the activity of lymph, and then affect the immune function of the body. If your dog has been feeling hot, it could be a sign of other problems. Many of these problems can sometimes be solved through diet. For example, feed some warm food (chicken) or cold food (FISH). If the temperature is still abnormal, take it to the pet doctor.

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