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    Dog owners must know the six good habits of dog feeding. Do you know the six good habits of dog owners? For example, let the dog drink more water, gradually change the food, and pay attention to reasonable feeding, do not give the dog to eat chocolate or onions and other dangerous food.

    1. Drink a lot of water to dogs. Drink cold water suitable for drinking at any time, and change water frequently, consume at least 60 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day, while puppies, lactating bitches, working dogs or hot climate consume more water.
    2. Gradually change the food. The dog’s diet should gradually change, and it needs to transition for a week, so that the animal’s taste, digestion and metabolism can adapt, and the dog’s intestinal tiny things can adapt to the food of divination more than the human intestinal tiny things, so it can recover its function to digest new food.
    3. The biggest happiness of regular feeding. Dogs is to eat the same food from the same plate at the same time and place every day. This will be good for the dog’s health. The time for dogs to eat should be basically fixed, not one meal after the previous meal or one meal without a meal. Timing can develop the dog’s timing conditioned reflex, secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, promote digestion and absorption. Generally, it is better to feed once in the morning and once in the evening. The quantity of food for dogs should be relatively stable, the pattern can be renovated, but the quantity can’t be changeable. One meal more and one meal less: one meal full and one meal hungry will inevitably result in overeating, which is harmful to the health of dogs.
    4. Control the amount of food. The amount of food per serving should depend on the energy required by the animal and the calories contained in the food every day. The amount of food per serving should be recalculated frequently to avoid obesity and should be adjusted to the weight of the dog.
    5. It is important to choose food carefully. First of all, the nutritional balance should be considered. There are three criteria that can be used to select food suitable for dogs: age (puppies, adult dogs, middle-aged dogs or elderly dogs), level of physical or physiological activities (active dogs, sports dogs and breeding dogs) and size (small, medium or large).
    6. The way of feeding is just as important as the composition of food. Therefore, when feeding commercial food, we must strictly follow the instructions of the businessmen. When feeding homemade food, we should put an end to some “take it for granted” ideas, such as “what I like to eat, dogs like to eat”, “my dog can eat anything” or “my dog likes to eat fruit”, etc., which often kill your dog. (such as eating chocolate or onions for dogs.)

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