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    Many people are afraid to keep dogs because of their growing environment and personality. But in fact, dogs rarely bite people under normal circumstances, unless you deliberately annoy them or violate the bottom line of the dog. Generally, dogs will give a warning before biting people. If the warned people ignore the warning, they will bite you angrily. The reason analysis of dog biting, we can understand.

    Protecting the owner is loyal. Many dogs rush out at the first time when they see their owner in danger. For example, Allah and border dogs are such dogs, so don’t joke with the owner in front of the dog, or the consequences will be bad!
    It’s very sensitive to protect the baby. Don’t look at them as weak, but if they get angry, they will have amazing fighting power! So if the dog is in lactation, it’s better not to touch the dog baby in the past, to prevent the dog from misunderstanding himself!
    It’s the nature of dogs to protect their food. So if dogs are eating, you’d better not disturb them in the dead area at this time! Of course, if your dog is trained, it may be better and won’t protect food, but if the dog is strange to you, don’t disturb them!
    Territorial awareness. Dogs have very strong territorial awareness, which is why dogs can watch home! If someone you don’t know enters its territory, the dog will bark and show an attacking attitude. Not only people, but also other dogs will be attacked when they enter its territory!
    Dogs also have private property. These private property are all kinds of toys we buy for them. Usually, the bones we give them to eat are also their own private property! If you play with their toys in front of them, no matter you have a good temper, the dog with a bad temper will bite you!
    During the oestrus, the dog’s mood becomes very unstable because of the hormone secretion in the body! At this stage, don’t disturb the dog, or it will be troublesome if you are bitten!

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