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    The French Bulldog is a very cute dog, and it is popular. But we also know that the body odor of French Bulldogs is very famous. Many people are reluctant to be close to the French Bulldog because of its smell. As the host, what measures can we take to help solve this problem?
    The anal gland is the most important source of odor in French Bulldogs. The anal gland has the function of helping French Bulldogs identify their identity. Because every French Bulldog’s anal gland tastes different, the most common action French Bulldogs do when they meet is to smell each other’s butts besides kissing each other. In addition, when the French Bulldog lives in the wild, the anal gland fluid will be left in the grass to mark the influence range of the French Bulldog. However, the French Bulldog living in the home can not push out the excess anal gland fluid due to the lack of exercise and the reduction of muscle strength in the legs, resulting in the accumulation of anal glands and swelling. At this time, the anal gland will produce a bad taste, which will lead to inflammation, bleeding and even rupture. Therefore, when bathing the French Bulldog, the owner can clean the anal gland of the French Bulldog to keep the dog healthy.
    Dog’s bad breath is an important source of bad smell. Pay attention to check the problem caused by dog’s tooth stones. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to wash the dog’s teeth regularly, and effectively control the dog’s calculus, so that the dog can have a good breath. Dogs often have peculiar smell in their ears. In fact, as long as the owner cleans the earwax in the right way, this can be reduced. The existence of earwax can help the ear to fight against external disease sources. The color of earwax is white, light yellow and yellow. The shape of earwax is normal from powder, block to mud, but it must be cleaned regularly, or the normal ear will have bad taste. We should often bathe the French Bulldog, which can also reduce the body odor of the French Bulldog.
    You can buy a special bath gel for your dog at the mall. When raising a French Bulldog, you need to know how to improve the dog’s condition so that the dog can live a relaxed and healthy life every day. So that the dog’s taste is not so heavy, but also easier to get close to people.

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