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    If you are a working man who leaves early and returns late and has a lovely dog, when you come home, you must also want to have a good rest besides holding your pet! Because good sleep is the best way to recover physical and mental strength. But what would you do if you slept soundly and the dog didn’t sleep at all? Let’s understand the reasons and solutions for poor sleep quality of dogs.

    The reason why dogs don’t sleep well:
    1. Age problem. Maybe your pet dog is too small, especially those puppies who have just entered the house, because they are not adapted to the environment and are very strange to their families, they will feel fear and fear. When they go to bed at night and turn off the light, the puppies will have more fear, so they will cry and sleep Don’t feel it. If so, then as the owner, you really need to calm the puppies, give them a sense of security, and let them sleep peacefully. Of course, generally, when the pup adapts to the environment and new life, it will not call or not sleep at night.

    2. Cause of disease. It is possible that the dog does not sleep at night because of the disease, and the pain on his body causes the dog to sleep peacefully and illegally. As a physical and psychological discomfort, it will also emit a wailing bark. As a result, families and even neighbors will not be able to sleep at ease.

    3. It is possible that the reason why pet dogs don’t sleep at night is that they have bad sleeping habits since childhood. In fact, dogs have their own living habits. If they are free and lack of discipline from childhood, it is easy for puppies to form bad habits. If you don’t sleep well at night is one of the performances. In the face of such a pet dog, you can only be more powerful. You should help it to correct this bad habit slowly at ordinary times.

    4. Energetic dogs can’t sleep well at night. For example, if the dog has enough sleep during the day, he will not be able to sleep well at night.

    5. Environmental problems. The place where dogs live is too noisy or the place where dogs live is too cold, dirty, smelly, etc.

    The way to improve the sleeping quality of dogs:
    1. Provide a quiet and comfortable environment. There is no doubt that the ears of dogs are very smart, a little noise will wake up the dogs, of course, it is impossible to create a completely silent place, which requires the owners to create a favorite environment for them, usually the dogs will choose to like it The owner should try to keep quiet when the dog is sleeping. At the same time of keeping quiet, it’s better to prepare a kennel for the dog. The dog will have faster and deeper sleep in the familiar kennel. I believe that the comfortable environment will improve the dog’s sleep.

    2. Appropriate outdoor exercise. Dogs are sports loving animals. Appropriate exercise will promote the metabolism of dogs, and the improvement of various functions of the body will also help sleep. It is suggested that dogs are the most suitable for outdoor sports. There is no indoor confinement for wide outdoor sports. Taking dogs for a walk will have unexpected effects.

    3. To ensure the dog’s healthy physical condition and diet. The quality of the physical condition will undoubtedly affect the dog’s sleep. The owner should carefully observe whether the dog is sick, and regularly take the dog to the pet shop for inspection, to prevent it from happening. Always give the dog water, do not feed stimulating food, and pay attention to the nutrition balance.

    4. Keep the dog clean. The dog is not clean, which will cause itching, inflammation, etc., and directly damage the sleep quality. Wash and protect the dog regularly, and keep the dog’s nest clean.

    5. Prevention of diseases. As mentioned above, some diseases can also lead to poor sleep of dogs. Therefore, as a parent, we must pay attention to that if the dogs are already ill, we must not ignore it carelessly, and do not think that the dogs have strong resistance. When it is found that it is ill, it should also be taken to the hospital for examination and diagnosis. Only by curing the disease for the pet dog can it be healthy and sleep at night. If you don’t have enough time for your dog to sleep in the daytime and at night, you can prepare some special toys for him or have another pet to spend a boring and lonely time with him. Some dogs can’t sleep when their stress response is too big because of changing their living environment, so try not to take them out for the night. In addition, don’t frighten the dog when he is sleeping. It’s hard for the dog to go to sleep after being frightened.

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