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    Above we know some foods that husky can’t eat. Next we will introduce some foods that are good for husky dogs, such as potatoes, apples, pork, soybeans… These are all good foods for husky. If you have the chance, dog owners can also buy some, and make a nutritious dog food for their beloved husky at weekends. This is also a great example of your love for dogs.
    1. Meat.
    chicken breast meat is better. Because the chicken breast does not contain excess fat, it is an indispensable food material to supplement animal protein. Especially when Husky’s stomach is weak or on a diet, it’s best to eat chicken breast meat with high protein and low calorie. It’s good to feed husky chicken liver, but don’t always give husky chicken liver in daily feeding. Once in a while, it’s OK. Because chicken liver is easy to overeat with too much vitamin A, husky will be easily obese. If you think chicken breast meat and chicken liver are more expensive, you can also buy husky dogs some chicken head, chicken neck, chicken liver, chicken rack, etc. These prices are not too expensive, but also more nutritious. But pay attention to one thing: you must use pressure cooker to make bones crisp! Otherwise, the dog’s intestines will be cut if it is too hard. The cost of medicine will be far greater than the price of chicken.
    The fat content of lean pork is less, and it contains a lot of vitamin B1 which can promote the recovery of digestive function. Although the necessary intake of husky dogs is very small, if the intake is insufficient, it may cause some skin problems. Therefore, husky dogs, especially puppies, should be regularly fed with some pork.

    2. Vegetables:
    Broccoli (broccoli): broccoli is composed of bracts and stems. In addition to β – carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and C, it also contains iron and food fiber, which is a very nutritious food. Especially the fiber content of the stem is very rich.
    Pumpkin: pumpkin is also very effective in improving the constipation of husky dogs. Besides being rich in fiber, pumpkin also contains various nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, vitamin C and carotene, among which vitamin B2 can prevent anemia in dogs..
    Cabbage: because it contains sulfur and chlorine, it has a clearing effect on Husky’s intestines and stomach. At the same time, it contains vitamin A, B group, calcium, sodium, iron and other nutrients. The part close to the center of the cabbage is rich in vitamin C, and the part of the cabbage leaf is rich in β – carotene.
    Potato: it contains a lot of vitamin C and potassium, which is considered to be hypoallergenic. Please be sure to heat and boil it when feeding. In addition, dogs with arthritis, parasites and respiratory disorders should never be eaten.
    Soybeans: when husky dogs are deficient in protein, it will not only cause physical weakness, but also increase the possibility of virus infection. Soybean is rich in plant protein, which is good for improving nutrition of dogs. If you want your dog to eat soy, please boil it with water until it is soft and rotten, and then serve it to your dog.
    Soya bean powder: it is made by grinding dry fried soybeans into powder. Soybean flour not only contains protein, but also rich in minerals and food fiber, and also contains fatty acids, which is very effective for improving dog hair loss.

    3. Fruits:
    Apples: rich in food fiber, which is very helpful to improve constipation or intestinal problems. In addition, pectin in food fiber is also very effective to eliminate toxins in the body. However, because apples contain too much sugar, be careful not to overeat them.
    Banana: the fruit that can quickly replenish nutrition is also suitable for dogs. In addition to rich food fiber, there are also oligosaccharides that can promote the increase of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and help the intestine peristalsis. Especially recommended for constipated or easily eat bad stomach dogs.

    If you have time, you can use lollipop noodles, white noodles, eggs, cabbage, kelp, carrots, chicken. These foods are mixed together and steamed into a nest. Dogs love them very much and they are easy to keep.


    Some healthy food for husky dog

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