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    Just like other dogs, pay attention to some relevant points when using.
    1. The selection and dosage of insect repellents. Previously commonly used insect repellents are tablets, so pay attention to the dosage. If the amount of feed is too large, it is easy to cause some adverse reactions. Of course, some dogs may have vomiting, mental deterioration and other related symptoms even if the medication is normal. This is a common situation. If the dog recovers slowly, there will be basically no problem. And the anthelmintics like dog heart care are determined by the weight and body shape of the dog, so as long as you find the right range, you don’t need to worry about the dosage, usually the whole feed. However, it is not recommended for dogs that are too small.
    2. Observe the dog’s state after use. After use, observe the condition of the poop in the border area, and see if there are insects or eggs in it. Because there are many kinds of anthelmintics, some of them are more irritant and some of them are relatively small. So for the stimulation of drugs to avoid choosing later, to see which insect repellent drug dogs take less side effects. Generally speaking, the bad symptoms will recover in 1-3 days. If the dog is not in the right state all the time, it may have some problems. At this time, it’s best to take the dog to the hospital as soon as possible to have a relevant examination to prevent the problem from getting worse.

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