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    The bigger the dog’s eyes, the better the poodle can be said to be the most popular kind of pet dog nowadays, but even so, some friends who have been or have not been raised may not know the poodle very well. Moreover, there may be some misunderstandings in the cognition of poodle.

    1. Face shape. Nowadays, when most people choose poodles, apple face, short mouth and nose, these market adjectives, have inexplicably become a standard. It seems that only such VIPs can build cute Teddy clothes. First of all, let’s talk about the standard of poodle. The standard of face shape requires that the face shape should be slender and beautiful. Most of the parents who don’t know about the poodle will imagine the image of a big long face. In fact, the big one has the standard of big size, but the small one also has the standard of small size. The proportion is very important. It should be better than the skull. Such a poodle shaves The face is noble and beautiful. Some people may not be able to accept VIP costumes, but think about it carefully. Only a standard face shape can support more hair, and Teddy’s costumes can have more possibilities.
    2. Eyes. When selecting dogs, we usually choose your big eyed dogs, and the bigger the dogs are, the better. However, for poodle dogs, almond eyes are smart and delicate. Such poodle dogs can show the most dignified, dignified and noble feeling when they stay in the game clothes. However, in the standard range, slightly larger eyes can be allowed. However, those big and round eyes appear in the traditional modeling of VIP. Such image, I believe, will not be too beautiful. In terms of health, it will cause many eye problems. In terms of aesthetic feeling, large, round and protruding eyes, less flexibility, less sense of dignity. Therefore, the standard is very important.
    3. Ears. Because of the Internet, some owners who see photos of cute dogs on the Internet will think that some dogs with ears are cute, so they also require poodles to stand their ears. But back to the standard, the long haired ear of the poodle is a special feature. The ear position should be parallel to the eyeliner, and the ear is erect because the ear piece is too thin and the ear position is too high, so it is best not to choose some of the poodle guests who are standing ears, even if they look cute.
    4. Leg length. Bench is not up to the standard, but it also extends to the other extreme, that is, many parents, hearing that the bench is not good, insist that the longer the leg is, the better, and even the longer the leg is longer than the body is the best. This is an extreme misunderstanding. In the poodle standard, the square is beautiful. If you have seen the poodle in the competition, you will It will be found that the guests with square body can walk bigger and more stretch, and run more beautiful. But think about that, legs are longer than body length, so how can they walk and run freely. So if the poodle’s legs are too long, it’s a defect.
    5. Body shape. Now, most people think that poodle, tea cup and micro tea are the best products. Mini and even standard body are not very valuable. First return to the standard. There are only three types of poodle’s standard recognized body shapes. Toys, mini and standard are acceptable. Small fluctuations in height within the standard range are acceptable.

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