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    Raising ornamental fish at home can not only cultivate sentiment, but also bring vitality and vitality to the home environment. However, there are still many detailed issues that need to be paid attention to in family fish farming. From the selection and placement of the bathtub, and even the decoration in the aquarium, aquarists need to pay attention to learning when raising ornamental fish.

    1. Reasonable Size of the Fish Tank

    Choose the reasonable fish tank according to the size of the room. The volume of the aquarium is different from the general fish tank. According to the size of the room, choose the fish tank reasonably, and do not enlarge the fish tank in the small room.

    2. Choose Fish Species

    Choose the type of fish farming according to the room size and function. Generally, small tropical fish can be kept in small rooms, and large fish can be kept in offices, living rooms or larger rooms. At the same time, attention should be paid to control the stocking density of fish and the amount of food to prevent excess food from polluting the fish tank water and indoor environment.

    3. Clean Aquarium Filter

    Although the filtering equipment of the aquarium can filter fish feces, food residues and so on. It is also necessary to clean the fish tanks, water tanks and filter systems frequently, and clean up their excrement in time, otherwise it may become a hotbed of diseases and affect human health.

    4. Try not to keep fish at Bedroom

    It is best not to raise fish in the bedroom. This is because the aquarium emits a lot of water vapor, which will increase the humidity in the room, which can easily breed mold and cause biological pollution. In addition, the air pump of the aquarium can also produce noise, which affects sleep.

    5. Pay Attention to Water Quality

    Pay attention to observe the growth of ornamental fish to prevent water quality and environmental pollution caused by sick and dead fish. As the water space is limited and the water is static, it is easy to breed bacteria, and ornamental fish purchased from different places may also bring viruses. In addition, spoiled food can also cause fish to be infected with diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, causing indoor environmental pollution.

    6. Strengthened the Indoor Ventilation

    Pay attention to indoor ventilation and purification. The indoor environment should be ventilated frequently. If possible, an air purifier or air changer should be equipped.

    7. The Principle of Choosing Accessories

    The beauty of decorations is the most important factor, but for the precious species of goldfish raised, it is necessary to ensure the safety of goldfish activities. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the ornament is, it will lose its meaning. For example, blisters are easy to break, pom-poms are easy to fall off, and pearl scales are easy to fall off. This is to be based on the principle of smoothness and softness when choosing ornaments. The stones should not have sharp edges and corners, and the smooth Yuhua stone is the best. Waterweeds cannot be selected with tough fibers and slender stems. They are soft and tender and should not be entangled. Don’t be careless.

    8. The Place to Put Fish Tank

    As the ornamental scenery of the cultivating environment, its placement location should be coordinated and arranged according to the layout of the room in order to receive better results. Under the premise of obeying the indoor layout, place it in a place near windows with ventilation and direct sunlight, so that it has good lighting and air circulation, which can meet the goldfish’s requirements for oxygen, temperature and light, and is convenient for viewing. The smaller aquarium can be placed on the bedside table, the coffee table between the chairs, the corner of the desk, or the center of the square table.

    If the fish tank is not properly placed, not only will the fish be poorly kept, but it will also pollute the indoor environment and affect the health of the family. The points mentioned above are just some of the points that need to be paid attention to in family fish farming. In the follow-up article, the editor will also organize other family fish farming precautions for you.

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