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    When the dog enters the old age, it will be slow to move, hard to go up and down the stairs, and often stop walking. But don’t think that the dog will not take them for a walk. You should know that life is about exercise, so even if the dog enters the old age, it is necessary to take a proper walk for exercise. When the owner wants to take the old dog out of the house, he should pay attention to the climate.

    In addition, you should choose a more gentle Road, and remember to replenish the water for the dog on the way. If the dog often stops walking, it may be due to joint disease and other reasons that make it difficult to walk. The owner can try to change and change the daily fixed walking route to improve the freshness of the dog. If the dog is a pet who would go after the ball items on his own initiative, but starts to become unwilling to go after them, and even has no interest or ignore them, it is probably due to the laziness caused by the lack of physical strength or pain. When aging causes problems in the joints of the waist and hind feet, the dog will become lazy and even feel powerless in every movement.

    Before that, if you don’t understand the normal situation when you are young, it will be difficult to find out when you are old with your dogs, so you should pay more attention on weekdays. If the elderly dog’s body pain is caused by joint degeneration, it is recommended to use health care equipment to help the pet walk with its own strength, so that the elderly dog can enjoy a pleasant walk with the owner as before.

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