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    It’s a normal physical reaction to fart frequently when changing food for dogs, but the farting frequency is not very high under normal circumstances. If the dog farts more frequently and tastes heavier, it may be a signal from the dog’s body. This may indicate that the dog has gastrointestinal problems or other disease problems.

    The causes of dogs farting are too much:
    1. Lack of exercise and poor gastrointestinal ability. Many dogs have the problem of insufficient exercise, which has a lot to do with their living environment and lifestyle. Lack of exercise in dogs can lead to obesity, poor gastrointestinal peristalsis, and increased gas in the stomach. Dogs fart more often.
    2. Eating too fast. If the food is too fast, it is easy to bring a lot of air into the stomach and intestines together, and it will be discharged properly.
    3. Not suitable for the new food. Some owners may change their food more frequently. If it is observed that the dog always changes the new food, and there is abnormal gastrointestinal or farting, it means that the dog is still unable to adapt, causing flatulence.
    4. Food related to feeding. Eating food also has a greater impact on whether dogs fart frequently. Fermented food is more likely to cause pet farting, even stomach pain and cramps, or eating onion, garlic and other food containing a lot of hydrogen and CO2, which will produce a lot of gas after digestion. If the dog doesn’t fart all the time, pay attention to the dog’s health (but it’s not easy to find)

    How to improve the dog’s farting odor?
    1. Let the dog develop a good eating habit. Some dogs don’t know how to control, so don’t feed too much, follow the principle of eating less and eating more. And most dogs will gobble up food. It’s better to have a regular and quantitative diet. It’s the healthiest to form a good eating habit. If we occasionally feed some of our food, we should also control the amount.
    2. If our dogs often fart because they are always devouring, do not feed them when they are hungry. Take your dog out for a walk when you are free. Basic exercise is necessary for your dog, which can not only improve his physical fitness. And going out for a walk after eating for a while is also good for your dog’s digestion.
    3. Do not replace all the food in one time. Do not replace all the food in one time, which can easily cause intestinal discomfort in dogs. Gradually replace the original food with new food.
    4. Pay attention to the height of the bowl. Don’t make the dog too hard to eat their food, so don’t make the food too low. Generally, you can easily eat with a little bow, which can also reduce eating too much air.

    What’s the matter with dogs not farting?
    1. It’s not a normal phenomenon that dogs never fart, which needs more attention of the owners. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that dogs do not fart for a long time. This often happens to puppies, but also to adult dogs. It is recommended to take them for examination. Puppies may have poor anal development.
    2. If dogs can’t fart, their abdomen will swell and ache, which is usually related to intestinal inflammation, long-term constipation, anal hemorrhoids, intussusception, intestinal obstruction or torsion, that is, the reason of the intestine, which makes the gas that should be discharged from the body blocked and stay in the abdomen.

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