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    1. Ensure Success; Use lots of encouragement and praise when your dog is successful. You should keep your early home training sessions short, no more than five or 10 minutes at a time.

    2. Increase Attention; You can foster greater attention by teaching your dog to make eye contact with you on a cue like Watch Me or Look.

    3. Teach Tricks; Tricks let you improve training techniques like your timing and the placement of rewards.

    4. Develop Flexibility; Tricks that increase a dog’s flexibility are great for agility training.

    5. Work on Handling; So much of what happens on the agility course depends on how well an owner handles his or her dog.

    6. Increase Dogs’ Body Awareness;

    7. Build Confidence With Moving Objects

    8. Conquer Fear of the Dark

    9. Jump for Joy; Jumping is a critical agility skill and an easy one to practice at home. Use a broomstick or other pole and balance it between two low objects.

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