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    To let Pomeranian brush teeth is not an easy thing, many owners in the taste of failure will give up the idea of brushing his teeth. In fact, there are some tips to brush for Pomeranian. With these tips, the owners can brush for the dogs more smoothly!

    1. Purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs. The toothbrush and toothpaste used by the owner are not suitable for dogs, so it is necessary to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs. The toothbrush designed for dogs has soft bristles, and the owner can choose to use a fingertip toothbrush or a long handle toothbrush according to his needs. However, the toothbrush for dogs has a taste that dogs like, which makes it easier for the owner to complete The task of brushing the dog’s teeth.

    2. The process that dogs need to adapt to. At first, Pomeranian dog at home may resist toothbrush and toothpaste, and the owner needs to give them some time to adapt. In order to make the dog more accustomed to brushing his teeth, the owner should try to do this when the dog is calm. At the same time, because of different individuals, each dog needs different adaptation time, so the owner must be patient.

    3. Take care of the dog’s mood. Some Pomeranians will show impatience or unwillingness to continue to brush their teeth when brushing their teeth. The owner can pacify their mood first. After the dog calms down and is willing to continue to brush his teeth, the owner can continue to brush his teeth. If the dog doesn’t want to brush, the owner will wait until the next time. Usually, when the dog is fully used to brushing his teeth, the owner is seldom bothered by this problem.

    4. Brush your teeth gently and guide your dog properly. When brushing your dog’s teeth, the owner must remember to be gentle. If you hurt the dog, they may not want you to brush their teeth again next time. In addition, if the dog is angry when brushing his teeth, the owner can’t be rough, and proper guidance can better solve the problem. When the dog finishes brushing his teeth, the owner can give the dog some rewards, so that they may accept brushing faster!

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