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    The experience of raising a dog is based on our constant exploration and sharing with others in our daily life, so it’s normal for people who have just raised a dog to make some small mistakes in the breeding process. However, as the owner, we should collect more information about dog keeping, so that we can avoid many problems in the process of raising, so let’s talk about some tips for raising dogs.

    1. Treat the dog as a human partner and friend, so that he can be fed, nursed and taught patiently. You can’t be moody about it.

    2. Dogs do not have human intelligence, can not carry out logical thinking, do not understand human language, dogs can only learn through memory. Therefore, we should also be patient in training, and repeat a password or a gesture repeatedly to gradually help them establish a certain behavior habit. We should not rush and require too much.

    3. The emotional connection between man and dog is the prerequisite for man and dog to live together and become partners. Therefore, the owner and the dog should contact more, care more about it, and treat each other friendly.

    4. In contact with people, there are differences in dog’s studiousness and adaptability. Therefore, we should pay attention to different situations and treat them differently. We should not abandon and neglect the laggards.

    5. In the process of raising, it is necessary to study and understand the quality, characteristics and habits of the dog, so as to develop and shape it according to its characteristics and human needs.

    6. When dealing with dogs, one should never lose self-restraint. Understanding, patience and care should always be carried out. To lose one’s mind, to beat a dog and mistreat a dog is the worst way for a dog’s trainer. Even if a dog makes a mistake, the punishment should be appropriate. Otherwise, it will not only waste a good dog and lose the significance of keeping a dog, but also not meet the relevant provisions of animal protection.

    7. Don’t overindulge the dog, pay attention not to overeat, should often carry out appropriate outdoor sports, when the dog makes a mistake, it should be given appropriate punishment, which is the love of the dog.

    8. Reward and punishment for dogs should be appropriate and timely. Proper and timely rewards and punishments will redound to the training and shaping of dogs with half the effort.

    9. The dog is a running animal. It likes and needs sports to keep fit and keep its nature. It must not be kept in the house for a long time or kept in a bar with limited range of activities.

    10. Before selecting a dog and taking it home, prepare a kennel and other dog equipment. It’s better to learn and understand some knowledge about the management of dogs.

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