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    Parrot fish is one of the most popular ornamental fish, because the color is as gorgeous as parrot, and the body color is different. In the home of many fish lovers, we can see that many parrots are used to make scenery, but it’s not easy to keep them well despite their bright colors and beautiful appearance.

    1. Change water frequently. Parrot fish prefer new water, so they need to change water frequently. Wipe the tank before adding water, filter it for several hours, and replace it after the water is clear. It’s better to change 1 / 4 of the water every three days. In this way, the problem of water pollution caused by feed can be solved.

    2. Be careful in feeding. Parrot fish are timid. Turn on the light before feeding. After turning on the light for 10 minutes, wait for all the fish to get used to it. Then feed them. For a long time, the conditioned reflex is formed, and the parrot will come by itself as soon as the light is turned on. Parrot fish is best kept in separate tanks with large fish. Parrot fish will eat calmly, otherwise, they are timid and dare not rush to eat. If parrot is mixed with large fish, you can prepare some pellet feed and put it with other baits. When the pellet feed is smaller, the big fish can’t eat it, so parrot fish can grab it. And the pellet feed has the function of adding color, so that the parrot fish can not fade. However, even if you eat less, it doesn’t matter. If you are hungry, there will be no problem. It’s natural for small and medium-sized fish to eat less, but it’s easy to get sick if you eat more.

    3. To prevent fading. The fish tank must be guaranteed with 4 hours of light. The light tube should be changed to red, and the common fluorescent lamp will make the fish look blue. Gradually add the particles that can add color to the feed, it will make the color better. Before feeding the fish to get used to the feed, first give some particles, less particles, so that the fish can adapt. After eating, feed the feed that has been fed before, and gradually adjust to the new feed, so it will be adjusted. If the color of parrot and colorful fish becomes lighter than 90 days, they will not return to the original color. So we should change the feed in time.

    In order to keep the colorful parrot fish healthy and bright, the owner must pay more attention to it.

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