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    In order to keep Pomeranian clean and healthy, the owners will bathe their dogs at home when they are free. However, some owners do not care about their dogs’ feelings, as long as they complete their tasks. In fact, this will not only make the dogs afraid or even hate bathing, but also make the owners think that bathing is a headache and troublesome thing. If you want to take a good bath for a Pomeranian, the owner must know the following.

    The work before taking a bath should not be ignored. Before taking a bath, the owner must comb the dog’s hair, so as to prevent the dog’s hair from seriously tying in the process of taking a bath. In addition, grooming can also remove some dirt from the dog’s body, which makes bathing easier. Many owners will check the dog’s body during the grooming process before taking a bath, which is a very good habit, because many parasites or skin diseases may be ignored by the owner, and the pre bath check can let the owner find problems earlier.

    Problems to be paid attention to when bathing. Such as using pet shower gel when bathing dogs, starting from the feet when flushing, etc. are common topics. Owners know these precautions even if they haven’t bathed dogs. For many Pomeranians, there are several special precautions that need to be understood by the owner.

    1. Because their hair is thick and long, the master should not scratch them casually when using bath gel, and it is better to rub them gently in one direction.

    2. If you use a basin or bucket to bathe the dog, the water level should not be higher than the dog’s chest. When the dog wants to climb out, you can pour some water properly.

    3. There are other things to do after the Bath. After the bath, the owner must immediately dry the dog’s body with a towel, and use a hair dryer to dry the dog. Never let the dog wander around before the hair is dried, otherwise the dog will easily catch cold. After blowing the hair, the owner will comb the dog again.

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