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    Many owners of dogs will think that the price of beauty treatment in pet shops is on the high side, so they will wash themselves at home. In fact, unprofessional parents are more likely to hurt their dogs at home, and if they don’t know about it, they will also have the following wrong behaviors.

    1. Dogs bathe frequently. When dogs have itching, they wash more frequently. Frequent bathing of a dog can damage its natural protective grease and cause a variety of skin diseases. It’s better to bathe once a week or two. Secondly, it’s better to use human bath products. It’s certainly suitable for dogs. Because of the difference of acid-base between human skin and dog skin, what people use will make dog skin dry, aged and depilated. Mild baby bath. In case of pruritus or rubella, it should be stopped immediately.

    2. Ignore the dog’s ear hair. To check the dog’s ears frequently, especially the long haired dog with drooping ears, the problems in the ear eyes are easy to be ignored. If there is too much hair in the dog’s ears and eyes, it will easily cause inflammation, and the dog will feel itchy or painful. So don’t be afraid of the dog’s pain or his own troubles, and stay away from the dog’s ear plucking.

    3. The incorrect way of blowing hair will not only knot the hair, but also lead to the situation that the hair can’t be dried and blown through easily. When a dog takes a bath in a pet shop, the beautician usually takes a certain time to blow the hair for the dog, but the owner may not blow it for various reasons. In this way, the money saved for bathing is often much more than the price for seeing a skin disease.

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