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    Although the outdoor temperature of dogs is relatively low in winter, their life lies in exercise. As long as they do the right exercise in winter, they can also ensure the health of dogs and owners. Following has chosen four kinds of sports for you that are suitable for dogs and owners to do in winter. Let’s live a healthy life together.

    1. Mountain climbing: Mountain climbing is a favorite sport for dogs. It can exercise their walking and running ability to a greater extent and make their leg muscles stronger and stronger. Take good care of water and food, observe the dog’s state, and avoid excessive physical consumption of the dog.

    2. Walking: The simplest exercise is walking. After dinner every day, let the pet follow you slowly. When walking, let the dog move within the owner’s sight range. Don’t just walk by himself, 20 minutes a day.

    3. Frisbee: Frisbee catching is one of the dog’s favorite sports. Playing frisbee is more varied and interesting than running or walking. Before playing frisbee, it’s best to let the dog do some simple warm-up exercises. Check frisbee and venue to avoid dog injury.

    4. Jogging: Untie the leash on the dog’s neck, let the dog run freely, let the pet follow your speed, neither be breathless by it, nor let the pet fall too far, especially for pets with poor health or chronic diseases.

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