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    Dogs have a big temperature difference in the morning and evening in spring. We will get cold and cold because we don’t bring a coat. How can dogs who can’t change their clothes at will spend the warm spring healthy? Four steps of dog spring health care are provided here: Sun shading, cold protection, insect control and frequent grooming.

    It’s easy to show four kinds of kindness, which makes people happy. Dogs love to embrace nature. It’s a great enjoyment for dogs to take a nap in the sun in the afternoon. Especially the approachable spring sun can get rid of the accumulated mildews in winter. It’s one stroke! Although the spring sun is not as hot as the summer sun, but long-term exposure to the sun, or because of too hot or UV direct impact on the dog’s health.

    Therefore, shading is the first step of dog health care in spring. When the sun is strong, you may as well add a curtain for the dog to block the sun. For dogs raised outdoors, you can help them build a shed or shelter from the sun. You can choose the place to sunbathe according to your own situation.

    In spring, sun shading should be paid attention to during the day. In order to overcome the sudden drop in temperature at night, it is necessary to strengthen the protection against cold. Dogs kept outdoors are like thermometers, which can sensitively reflect their physical conditions for a little temperature difference, so you can put a blanket in the dog’s Kennel, which can not only isolate the air and reduce the temperature change, but also make the dog sleep more comfortable and stable at night. Such a small and thoughtful move can make your dog’s spring health care plan work It’s easy because the weather is getting warm and the temperature is rising in spring. Not only you and your dog start to move, but also fleas and dust mites.

    When you take your dog for a walk in the grass, fleas and ticks take the opportunity to jump on the dog. Therefore, you must clean and remove the insects for the dog regularly. In addition, dogs may also have fleas if they are not going out. Because the larvae that lurk in the dog house in winter hatch with the increase of temperature, spring is the time for fleas to make trouble. And once the dog has fleas, it is difficult to cure them. So before the parasites start to move, they should thoroughly clean and disinfect the dog house and surrounding environment and keep clean. There are also many prophylactics and anthelmintics on the market. You can consult a professional veterinary doctor or pharmacy. When we replace the winter clothes and spring clothes, dogs also change their hair at the beginning of spring. Their hair will be replaced by the warm hair in winter and the hair that is easy to dissipate heat in summer.

    Generally speaking, the whole process of hair changing can only be completed in a few weeks. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the owner to comb the shed hair with a comb or brush frequently every day, so as to promote the blood circulation of the dog’s skin and make the hair changing process more smooth. At the same time, it can also help the dog to comb a soft, bright and shiny body hair!

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