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    Golden Retriever is a very lovely and gentle large-scale dog. The standard size and weight of golden retriever are as follows:
    1. Golden retriever standard head: clear brow, wide head, head connected with nose.
    Nose: the nose is black and more popular.
    Eyes: the distance between the two eyes is wide, the eyes are dark brown, black and bright.
    Mouth: strong jaw, fully scissor bite.
    Ears: medium size, with the roots parallel to the eyes.
    Back hair: the lower hair is dense, and the upper hair is smooth or wavy. The decorative hair is rich and thick. The hair color is gold or cream, and there can be a small amount of white hair on the chest.
    Body: the body is well proportioned, the chest is thick, the back is horizontal, and the waist muscles are strong.
    Limbs: straight forelimbs, straight hind limbs, strong strength, developed muscles.

    2. Standard weight of golden hair (reference value) 2 months male: 6kg female: 5kg; 3 months male: 11kg female: 9kg; 4 months male: 17kg female: 15kg; 6 months male: 24kg female: 21kg; 8 months male: 29kg female: 24kg; 12 months male: 33kg female: 28KG.

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