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    Border Collie originated in the border of Scotland and originated in the 18th century. It is one of the Collie Collies. It has a strong instinct of shepherd. It is intelligent and good at observing words and colors. It can really understand the owner’s instructions. It can drive the sheep to move or rotate through the eyes. It has been regarded as a collie for many years. It is the first dog in the world in terms of IQ Name. The nomad is very clever. The master must make good use of it. How to train the border collie?
    1. When the young Border Collie has accepted and is used to the collar and dog lead, you can start this exercise: quickly move your feet in a short time, and try to focus the attention of the border collie in the process. It’s better to hold a toy in your hand and play with the dog for a while after moving fast. It’s better not to be those old tricks. In the game, only a few short password training can be carried out to prevent your border collie from getting tired of this training.
    2. While the dog is improving in training, it can be further infused with direction instruction words. A password should be set for each direction of running, such as “here” for turning right, “back” for turning left. (please note that this should be completely different from the definition of “right” and “left”.) When you start to teach the dog to do simple turning training, do not complicate the password to make it confused. Later, you can also add instructions in the opposite direction.
    3. In the competition to test the comprehensive ability, all turns are completed in the fast movement, which requires the participating dogs to be quite sensitive to each turn command. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate all the attention of the dog in the whole process, and the training of turning command needs to be completed in an instant.
    4. Don’t try to keep the dog’s eyes fixed on the dog handler during comprehensive training. A real racing dog needs to see the direction it is going. In the future training competition, these steps training will be useful in crossing obstacles. 

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