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    Guppy is produced in the Americas and is a type of small freshwater fish. Due to their bright color and variety, they are popular with aquarists. If you are also attracted by the beautiful appearance of guppy, if you want to raise them at home, you can create a suitable environment for your guppy.

    Guppy is native to Venezuela, Guyana, the West Indies, and northern Brazil in South America. They have been introduced to Singapore, Taiwan, and the mainland as ornamental fish. Currently, they have many fans. Many aquarium lovers like guppies very much. .

    The temperature requirements of the guppy are not harsh. The temperature of the guppy’s origin is maintained at 21-29 degC all the year round. At present, the guppy market is very mature, and players are still talking about the breeding of guppies. The temperature adaptation range has also been strengthened with the artificial feeding environment. Even if it reaches 32 degC, it can survive very well. But this number is already a bit high, don’t try it hastily, especially for wild breeds. It is better to keep the temperature of wild guppies within 28 degrees Celsius. Facts have found that the optimal growth temperature is 22-24 degC, and guppies also prefer slightly alkaline water, pH 7.2-7.4.

    So how to adjust the water temperature? When the temperature is too low, you need to buy an electronic automatic heater to control the water temperature at about 25 degC. The temperature is too high to prevent the sun from shining. When it is too hot, it can prevent a little ice cube from cooling and at the same time achieve the function of changing the water.

    In addition, because guppies are highly reproductive and have early sexual maturity, juveniles can enter the maturity stage after 3-4 months of rearing and can reproduce offspring. Sexual maturity is closely related to water temperature and feeding conditions. When breeding guppies, choose a larger aquarium, the water temperature is maintained at 26 degC, pH6.8-7.4.

    In the breeding process of guppies, the water quality of guppies should be kept fresh at all times. If a small fish is born, it is best to change the water after the birth a week to ensure the survival of the small fish.

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