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    Hot summer arrived, pet friends are around the topic of summer heatstroke, what is the way to prevent heatstroke? Short nosed dogs are more afraid of heat. Short nosed dogs are usually more afraid of heat than long nosed dogs and are less likely to dissipate heat. In order to prevent heatstroke, cool water can be often used to spray the dog’s nose and other parts in summer.

    Dogs don’t know how to adjust their temperature, sometimes they don’t know how to stop their activities and rest, and they won’t make up water in time. Because dogs need to reduce their body temperature by volatilizing saliva, when they see dogs breathing with their tongue in summer, they should first think that they are hot and need to drink water to cool down.

    If the dog can drink water when he wants to, it will greatly reduce the risk of heatstroke. But dogs sometimes forget to drink water because they are too excited to play. This is the owner must remember to make the dog quiet and feed enough water for his body.

    What should dogs do after heat stroke?
    When dogs have heat stroke symptoms, they should first “save themselves” rather than send them to a pet hospital. The main point of self-help is to cool the dog as soon as possible. The method is to untie the neckband, chest belt and other items first, and then pour them on the dog’s body with cold water, or put the dog in a cold bath. It should be noted that only cold water can be used instead of ice water, because ice water will reduce the circulation speed of dog skin, thus prolonging the cooling time.

    After cooling down, the next step is to send the dog to the hospital at the fastest speed. Dogs usually don’t drink water by themselves in case of heat stroke, so we should take suspension salt water or other methods to quickly supplement water for them, and carry out medication to help dogs recover.

    If you have a long haired dog in your family, it’s best to shave and cool down in summer.

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