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    Super dangerous dog killer: Chocolate. Must not give the dog to eat chocolate! Otherwise the dog will be very dangerous! In the United States, chocolate is one of the five common things that cause pet dog poisoning. The other four are automobile antifreeze, marijuana, rodenticide and insecticide. The secret to chocolate is its theobromine. Theobromine stimulates the central nervous system, relaxes muscles and raises heart rate – no wonder chocolate can make people feel love. Theobromine also has two famous brothers belonging to the methylxanthine family. They are caffeine and theophylline. Just to see the names of these people, you may suddenly realize that cocoa, coffee and tea can be the three major drinks, which have common characteristics. Taste carefully, whether it is coffee, cocoa, tea or cola, there is a trace of bitterness, which is also due to methylxanthine, their pure products are very bitter. These substances are toxic to most animals, but this is not good for primates where people live. We have a high metabolic rate for these substances, that is to say, the toxins in the body will be quickly discharged from the body through liver detoxification and kidney excretion.

    Unfortunately, dogs do not effectively expel methylxanthines from the body. It takes about 20 hours to remove half of the methylxanthine it ingests from the body. For a 3-kilogram Pomeranian (detailed introduction), A 3-4g dark chocolate can be poisoned, which is just a small bite; A 10g dark chocolate can cause severe vomiting and spasm; A 60g dark chocolate can kill it because of tachycardia and muscle rigidity, which is just the weight of a plate of chocolate. It’s not too hard for a dog who doesn’t know how to eat a plate of chocolate. The famous Merck Veterinary Manual recommends that dogs eat more than 1.3 grams of dark chocolate per kilogram at a time and should be sent to an animal hospital for treatment.

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