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    Dog’s face: because it’s easier to wash the dog’s face than wash it, basically, the dog uses face wiping instead of water washing, so the facial skin cleaning is not thorough, which provides opportunities for mite development. That is to say, the mites on the dog’s face have more opportunities to breed than the mites on his body.

    There is also the most easily overlooked place, the location of the eyebrows above the eyes: this may be the place where mites hide the deepest, but also where fungi hide, because it is humid and warm, and also the place where we clean and dogs are most easily ignored. Take a close look at the features of the frequently scratched parts of the dog. These parts may be like this: on the top of the upper eyelid of the dog, there are small bags on the skin, probably protruding hair follicles. The dog has nothing to do with the inflamed skin. There may also be dark brown mite feces or dandruff.

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