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    Winter temperature is low, is not suitable to take the dog out to exercise? In fact, on the contrary, you can choose sunny weather, take your dog out for more activities, bask in the sun, kill bacteria, and enhance the dog’s body resistance!

    In winter, for dogs, sunlight is their best friend. Letting dogs bask in the sun can not only keep them warm, but also kill bacteria in the hair by ultraviolet rays in the sun, which is helpful for the absorption of calcium, especially for the growth and development of puppies’ bones, so as to prevent the occurrence of chondropathy in puppies.

    1. Jogging, walking, mountain climbing or playing frisbee game with dogs can help dogs improve their physique, and help them control their weight in winter to prevent their dogs from getting fat. Keep exercising and keep enough time for exercise and play.

    2. Try to avoid exercise before and after feeding. Don’t let the dog exercise after eating, otherwise it may cause digestive problems.

    3. When going out for sports, you should pay attention to the protection against cold. Short haired dogs and dogs with health problems can wear cold suits made of thick materials when going out. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, rain, wind and dog kennel humidity after exercise can cause cold, serious may also induce bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. The effective measure to prevent the cold is to thicken the mattress, and pay attention to timely replacement and keep dry.

    As long as we care for dogs, they can enjoy warm and comfortable winter life.

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