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    Siamese cat are usually very friendly, even demanding, and tend to be even more so when they have been neutered and are raised with children and other pets. The Siamese cat has a strong and active character, a wit, a curiosity, and an understanding. Siamese cats like to be accompanied by people and can be walked on a leash. It requires constant caress and care from the host, loyalty to the host, and deep feelings; the Siamese cat is very sensitive and emotional, likes to be accompanied, does not like loneliness, and cannot stand indifference. If it is cold, it will become unhappy. Siamese cats are very smart and can quickly learn some techniques such as somersaults and throwing back parachutes. The siamese cat’s cry is unique, it seems to be talking to people non-stop, or like a child crying, and the sound is very loud. Based on the above characteristics, the Siamese is called the “cat like a dog”. Siamese cats are sociable and like to play with children, but they don’t like to stay with other cats. Siamese cats are sensitive to cold and like comfortable apartment life.

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