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    Ten key points of daily feeding and nursing in Samoa.
    1. Pay attention to protect Samoa self-esteem. Like people, dogs have a certain degree of self-esteem, Samoye is no exception. Therefore, the dog owner must be patient and guide when training Samoye at ordinary times. Don’t scold the dog if you can’t move. From the time of puppies, they should always be taught, such as not to bite the curtains, sofas, clothes and other things at home.
    2. Samoyed dogs generally only obey the instructions and instructions of their owners. The rest of the family can only get along well with it if they are friendly and communicate with it, until they can also obey the command and order. If you don’t pay attention, your dog will become a bully at home when he grows up. As a dog owner, you will be miserable.
    3. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to whether the mental state of Samoa is normal, whether appetite is decreased, whether the nose mirror is dry or wet, whether the body temperature is normal, whether the stool becomes thin, etc. if any abnormal or disease signs are found, we should immediately try to treat them.
    4. When feeding Samoa, if you want to save money, you should feed dog food and canned dog (the dosage will be marked on the packaging bag). But pay attention to one thing: if the dog has no teeth, it needs to soak the food with water first.
    5. Patiently teach Samoye to go to the toilet in the prescribed place. Once it is observed that the dog is going to the toilet, it is necessary to carry him to the specified place, and then press his head to smell. However, this place should not be too far away, so that he can find it. (not all dogs can learn this. It’s possible that they can’t learn it. It’s OK to take a step back and teach them to go to the toilet in the newspaper. They can go out to the toilet in 5 or 6 months.).
    6. Earwax and eye excrement should be removed for Samoye every 5-7 days, and the eyes should be washed with warm boiled water to prevent eye inflammation, and the claws should be trimmed every few days.
    7. Kennel (kennel) is easy to produce parasites, so kennel should choose a clean, dry and leeward place. At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to cleaning frequently, so as not to let the dirt stain the coat, especially in the warm season, and do a disinfection work for the kennel every other period of time.
    8. Don’t forget to give the dog an injection. Many bad dog traffickers, in order to save money, do not vaccinate their puppies at all. “We love pet net” here reminds you: when you buy a dog, you must ask whether you have given the dog a preventive injection. If not, you must take the dog to a regular pet hospital for vaccination. As for which kind of doctor will give you advice.
    9. Samoye is prone to skin diseases. Make sure your dog’s hair is clean and dry. If there are red spots and festering spots on Samoye’s skin, you must be careful. If you can’t, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.
    10. Let Samoyed have the opportunity to go out for a walk and other activities 1-2 times a day, so that it has a certain amount of activity to promote blood circulation.

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