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    When it comes to the Corgi, the Welsh Corgi is the first to think of their short legs and round buttocks. Although many people have gradually learned that short legs can cause many diseases, but in the face of such lovely and lively “short legs”, I believe many people will want to keep it. Of course, this kind of dog is a famous British Royal pet, and Queen Elizabeth can’t help but love it! Following will tell you ten reasons for choosing Welsh Corgi. If you like this kind of dog, don’t hesitate to raise it. You are worthy of the small cute God with big ears and short legs!

    1. The Welsh Corgi is very beautiful, especially its short and charming face. It is the macarone in the dog.

    2. The IQ of Welsh Corgi is not low. The dog ranks 11th in the IQ ranking.

    3. Welsh Corgi is very brave and confident. It can be your best house dog and guard dog, so that thieves will never come to your house again.

    4. Welsh Corgi is very friendly to family and children. It will help you avoid unnecessary worries if it never hurts people.

    5. Welsh Corgi is very lively and lovely. It can adjust the family atmosphere and bring great happiness to your family.

    6. Welsh Corgi is never fussy about food. It likes to eat everything and tastes good. It brings you great convenience in raising.

    7. The breeding and management of Welsh Corgi is very simple, and the daily care of short hair is very convenient, which saves you a lot of care costs.

    8. Welsh Corgi dogs are very obedient. You will never be bothered by the owner’s orders.

    9. Welsh Corgi dogs are very quiet at ordinary times. They don’t bark or disturb the people without emergency.

    10. The Welsh Corgi has the dual characteristics of a pet dog and a working dog. It is a perfect companion for human beings.

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