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    Dress your dog. He looks cute and handsome. At the same time, dogs wear clothes to keep warm. It should be noted that there are also some small disadvantages in dressing dogs. Let’s have a specific understanding.

    The benefits of dog’s clothing
    1. Cold proof and warm keeping: In this case, it is necessary to dress the dog, which is related to its health. For example, Chihuahua, mini Doberman and other dogs with small size and low fat content, as well as very young or old dogs, are more afraid of cold and have weak resistance. They are better to wear clothes when they go out in low temperature days, which can reduce their risk of disease.

    2. Cleaning needs: Dogs don’t need to bathe often, but it may cause skin problems. So when it’s dirty outside, wearing clothes can keep them clean for a long time and reduce the burden of parents.

    3. Body surface protection: It’s also good to wear clothes when taking dogs out to play. For example, taking dogs to climb mountains in autumn and putting on clothes can prevent dogs from bringing too many plant seeds and insects from climbing into their hair.

    The disadvantages of wearing clothes for dogs:
    1. Causing skin diseases: For short haired dogs, although there is no problem of long hair knot, the friction of fabric on the epidermis may cause skin diseases, allergies, itching and peeling of dogs. It’s easy for us to ignore some problems on the dog’s body surface when we always wear clothes. Unsuitable clothes may limit the dog’s movement and cause skin damage.

    2. Knot formation in long haired dogs: Some parts of dogs that often wear clothes are significantly more than those that do not wear clothes. For example, the part of armpit, neck and shoulder strap, because the clothes press the hair very tightly, plus the friction, it is easy to form the wool, if not carefully combed, it will soon become a knot that can not be combed.

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