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    We can often see that many dogs in foreign countries will wear mouth muffs when they go out, but other people will think it’s cruel to wear mouth muffs for dogs in China. In fact, as long as the mouth muffs are selected correctly, wearing mouth muffs when they go out is not a sad thing for dogs, and there are many benefits.

    First, it can prevent pet dogs from licking and picking up things to eat. We know that dogs are sensitive to taste and are curious about many things. And the way they check things is to smell and lick. This way of checking has the danger of concealment (if the poison is licked), so if you go out and put a muzzle on your pet dog, you can prevent the dog from licking everywhere and reduce the risk.

    Second, many domestic pet dogs are large dogs, such as Alaskan sled dogs, German shepherd dogs, etc. these dogs look tall and powerful, and their bite ability is also very good. When going out for a walk, many people who don’t raise dogs or resist dogs will be afraid, so putting on mouth muffs and leashes before going out can eliminate passers-by’s fear of dogs, and also reflect the quality of dog owners. In addition, putting a muzzle on a dog can better prevent two dogs from fighting when they meet on a narrow road.

    We know that dogs are also dogs with a strong sense of territory, so they may fight with each other in order to fight for territory and mating rights, and wearing mouth muffs on pet dogs can better prevent this situation and reduce the damage caused by dogs fighting.

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