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    Cleaning poop for dogs is good for people and themselves. Ordinary stray dogs may not be able to stop defecating on the road, but if they are pooping on the road, as keepers, we should clean them up in time. But there are still many owners who don’t pay attention to this problem. It may be their habits or their quality. We should improve this problem as soon as possible. Besides, it’s good for us to deal with the poop.

    First, to protect the environment and reduce the probability of dogs infected with bacteria imagine that if every dog owner does not care about the poop, the long-term trend will have a very bad impact on the surrounding environment. It may be better in winter. Once it’s summer, the strong odor will definitely have an impact on their own and other people’s lives. When people who don’t have dogs quarrel, it’s the people who don’t have dogs. So in order to prevent conflicts between neighbors, we should clean up our dog’s poop in time. In addition, defecation is also an important way for the spread of parasites and infectious diseases. Many owners may not know that their dogs have infectious diseases, so they will take them out for a walk. At that time, their dogs will be infected with diseases due to contact with their defecation. They will certainly curse these people for their lack of quality and morality, but have we considered it Have you done this well. So even if you clean up a dog’s poop, it’s good for your dog and others’ dog.
    2. Observe the state of dog’s defecation to understand the situation we can also observe the state of dog’s defecation while cleaning the dog’s defecation to see whether the dog’s defecation is shaped, soft or smelly. These problems can well reflect the dog’s physical condition. If the owner doesn’t pay attention to these details, he may regret when the dog is really ill.
    3. It’s a kind of exercise. When we clean poop for dogs, it’s inevitable to bend down and squat down. We can also regard it as a kind of exercise, which is also good for our own health.

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