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    When he was in primary school, he knew that eggs were a good thing. He could eat one egg a day. If he ate too much, he could only absorb one egg. Many pet owners will also give their dogs eggs, and listen to them say that they can only eat egg yolk, so why not eat egg yolk instead of protein?

    Some owners think that it is better for pet dogs to eat egg yolk to supplement trace elements, and it has the use of beautiful hair. However, you can’t give the dog egg yolk every day. You can insist on giving the dog 1-2 eggs a week, scientifically and evenly replenishing the nutrients the dog needs.

    Some owners believe that the benefits of egg yolk should also vary from dog to dog. Different dogs have different physical constitution, and their adaptability to food is also different. For example, some dogs may be able to eat eggs, which is good for the health. However, some dogs may not be able to eat eggs naturally. Once they eat eggs, they are prone to indigestion.

    So, the point of view of dog parents is that no matter what the benefits of eggs are. At the beginning, you can’t give it out too blindly. You can try to give the dog an appropriate amount of eggs or yolks. At the same time, you should observe the dog’s body reaction. If you are sure that the dog’s body is OK, you can also eat some properly.

    Suggestion: Protein is better not to be given to dogs, because some dogs eat protein, which is not only difficult to absorb nutrients, but also easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and other phenomena.

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