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    Many owners think that dogs should not be allowed to exercise after they are old and out of energy. In fact, like people, walking is also a good way for old dogs to keep healthy and long life. Walking has a significant impact on the health of your baby dog. The old dogs are different from the young dogs in their physical strength, so when walking, there should be different principles of walking.

    Feeding is mainly combined with improving and changing the pace of the dogs. When the two adjust the pace and speed, the dog will not be lazy, but also can avoid being overweight and maintain body shape.

    Don’t think that dogs don’t need to take a walk when they are old and old. For dogs, walking is very important: breathing the fresh air outside, watching the scenery outside and smelling all kinds of smells can not only change their mood, but also prevent dementia. In addition to making the dog happy, sunbathing can also help the aging dog adjust the physiological clock and prevent the night sound caused by dementia.

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