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    Why is 3 or 4 months the best adoption period for Schnauzer? Generally speaking, 2 and a half months ago, the Schnauzer puppies are not suitable for back feeding. It is better to choose 3-4 months’ Schnauzer puppies. Because at this time, the injection prevention is nearly completed, and the adaptability to change the environment is better. Secondly, the puppies in this period are a good time to cultivate good habits. When the Schnauzer puppies are brought home, don’t rush to let Schnauzer know the environment at home, but first place Schnauzer in a suitable place, let the dogs rest quietly, observe Schnauzer’s appetite is abnormal, and understand the time of Schnauzer’s defecation. If the same person can be in charge of the diet of Schnauzer and make Schnauzer have a sense of trust, this period of time will last for about a week, then we can start to familiarize Schnauzer with the surrounding environment and establish daily life habits.
    3-6 months is the golden period for the growth of the Schnauzer puppies. 3-6 months is the golden period for the growth of the Schnauzer puppies. Health maintenance is the most important. In this period, the puppies only do a few things: “eat, drink, pull, sprinkle, sleep and play (non compulsive). If you are going to let your dog participate in the dog race, you can carry out the first plucking, table standing training, ear cutting operation from 4 months This period is in effect.
    After 6-12 months, the growth rate of Schnauzer slows down. The feeding interval can be lengthened. A 20 minute walk in the morning and evening is very helpful to the overall coordination. Pay attention to the maintenance of body shape to avoid being too fat or too thin. Calcium supplement should be increased but not excessive. Filariasis prevention drugs should be taken. The first estrus in a female dog occurs around this time, but it is not suitable to breed puppies, and the male dog also begins to have reproductive capacity. By about 8 months, the body shape was shaped, and the puppies were close to the end. After 1 year old, the personality gradually tends to be stable, the posture also changes from thin to full, and the facial temperament also changes from naive and romantic to calm and intelligent. At this time, we should pay attention to the quality and quantity of sports. At least three times of sports a week, each time about 2-3km is the most basic.
    The key points of care for Schnauzer dogs are the thick beard and the hair on the limbs. Combing once every two days and bathing once a week are the ways to avoid knots and reduce skin diseases. As for the choice of dry food, if there is no problem of feed allergy, chicken dog food seems to be better than mutton dog food in absorption effect, and the choice of hair washing essence is better with skin care and hair washing essence added with tea oil or aloe, and the quality of foreign brands is more stable. Once a month’s beauty can make it maintain a neat appearance, but pay attention to the use of electric scissors to avoid producing The phenomenon of redness and itching.

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