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    Golden retriever is the legendary guide dog, so the dog who can meet this standard must be very smart, and the smart dog is also trained, so when is the best time to train golden retriever? Generally, 3-4 months is the best training time for golden retriever.

    Why is 3-4 months the best training time for golden retriever? Generally speaking, golden retrievers less than 3 months old are not suitable to start training, especially 1-2 months old golden retrievers. It’s better to start training golden retrievers after 3-4 months.

    1. At this time, the golden retriever has become stronger and stronger, and its bones are also stronger. At the same time, the injection prevention is nearly completed, and it is more suitable for the new environment.
    2. This period is a good time to cultivate good habits of golden hair training. After the first time to bring the golden puppy home, don’t rush to play with the puppy immediately, so the puppy will easily get sick. The right thing is to put the puppy in the right place first, let it rest quietly, and let the puppy have a sense of trust in the new home. This period lasts for about a week, so that golden retrievers can start to be familiar with the surrounding environment and establish daily life habits.

    3. It is better for the same person to take charge of the diet of xiaojinmao, including observing the dog’s abnormal appetite and knowing the time of defecation.

    Golden Retriever is a good time to grow up before the age of half. 3-6 months is a golden time for golden fur puppies to grow up. In this period, the puppies only do a few things: “eat, drink, pull, scatter, sleep and play”. Don’t force golden fur to learn and master any skills. At this time, it is mainly to make golden retriever happy, which is very good for the growth and development of the dog.

    After three or six months, the growth rate of golden hair began to slow down. At this time, the feeding interval can be lengthened, and you can take the little golden retriever for a walk in the morning and evening. But take care not to take a long walk, about half an hour.

    Suggestions: If you pay too much attention to the golden hair figure, you can properly control the food consumption after adulthood, and feed once in the morning and once in the evening.

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