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    1. The Afghan Hound is a kind of quite ancient dog. Its first impression can be described as elegant, and its biggest feature is its flowing coat. So in addition to the health of dogs, it is also very important to keep their coat healthy. It’s very important for dogs to develop good eating habits, which can avoid the dog’s habit of picking food, and it’s more convenient to find a dog at the time of eating.

    2. Adjust the amount of food in time. The amount of food for puppies is naturally different from that for adults, so the amount of food should be changed in time. In addition, the female dog in childbearing period should also increase some diet to provide enough nutrition.

    3. Keep the food fresh. Eat the food in the same day, and do not bring the food in the next night to the dog for feeding. Otherwise, it is easy to make the dog’s intestines uncomfortable, and the tableware should be cleaned in time.

    4. You can occasionally feed some meat. In order to supplement the dog with extra nutrition, we can occasionally feed some meat to the dog. However, it’s better not to feed raw food. Boil it with white water. It’s not too salty.

    Form a good habit. Don’t be controlled by the dog. If the dog looks like he wants to eat, the owner often unconsciously gives him food, and can’t let the dog be in the dominant position, because in the long run, the dog often urges the owner to feed. If the dog urges the owner to feed, the owner can use other things to distract the dog’s attention. For example, command the dog to sit down. The owner can let the dog wait for some time to take control before feeding the dog.

    It is very important to groom Afghan hounds every day. Groom the dog’s hair every day to prevent knots, promote blood circulation of the skin, and remove the obvious dirt on the dog. If hair knots are found, do not use your hands to catch the hair. Instead, you should use a needle to comb it away.

    Before bathing, it’s better to comb the dog’s coat first, otherwise the knotted coat will become more difficult to comb after encountering water. It’s better for us to clean and dry our hair before bathing.

    Fully blow dry the coat. After taking a bath, first dry the dog roughly with a absorbent towel. Then the hair is usually dried with a hair dryer while combing. When blowing hair, remember to dry it completely. Don’t see that the dog’s hair is dry. Let it air dry by itself. This will greatly increase the probability of the dog suffering from skin diseases. In every case, great efforts should be made to deal with it, sometimes with little effect. The coat of Afghan hounds should be as natural as possible. In addition to the saddle shaped area with short hair that needs to be slightly trimmed, there may be one or two hairs on the foot that need to be cut, this breed of hounds does not need any trimming.

    Most Afghan pups have beards and should be pulled out rather than cut off, provided the dog can cooperate with us.

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