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    Dog’s nose is an important standard for us to judge whether the dog is healthy or not. Generally speaking, the nose of a healthy dog is cool and moist. If a dog’s nose suddenly becomes very dry, then we should be alert. However, the dry nose of dogs is not entirely due to illness, many factors will also lead to dry nose. So let’s find out why the dog’s nose is dry.

    1. In summer, when the dog stays outside the room for a period of time, his nose is dry and the red heat or nasal lines disappear obviously, then the dog may be sunburned. The skin of other parts of the dog’s body can be protected by body hair, while the nose is the most vulnerable place to sunburn. So when they are exposed to the sun for a long time, their owners need to remember to care about their nose. Especially those dogs with flesh color or pink nose, they need more protection!

    2. If your dog has not only dry nose but also runny nose, thick nose, lumps, yellow green nose, or disgusting nose, you need to take him to the vet as soon as possible. Because the dog’s respiratory tract is likely to be infected, or even infected with more serious diseases.

    3. There are dry cracks, scarbs or ulcers on the dog’s nose. These may have something to do with the dog’s immune system, which also requires you to take the dog to the vet to get rid of health problems.

    4. If dogs stay near objects with high temperature for a long time, such as electric heaters, they may be slightly dehydrated, thus drying their noses. Therefore, dry nose is not the only criterion to judge whether a dog is ill. Dogs should be observed to see if there are any other adverse symptoms besides dry nose.

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