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    Labrador Retriever dog’s temper is equal to golden hair, which is absolutely famous for its good temper. Before you decide to live with a Labrador dog, you need to understand its character. If you live with a dog with different character, you will go crazy.

    First of all, this Labrador must be friendly to human beings. When you sit down or squat down to call it, it should be very happy to see you and come to you. If it doesn’t pay attention to you at all, it’s not a good phenomenon; if it comes to you as soon as it sees you, it shows that it’s too passionate about human beings, and then you take it out of the door later, it will also be interested in all kinds of pedestrians, so you will be in constant trouble.

    Second, look at the trainability of Labrador. Drag it on the ground with toys or old socks. It should be attracted and even chased. At last, the whole dog may run to chase and play. This is a good phenomenon. Dogs who have no interest at all say it’s hard to train in the future.

    Third, test Labrador’s courage. Put the dog on the hard ground and play with it. When it is very focused on playing, you suddenly drop the stainless steel bowl or other objects that can make a loud noise on the ground at a distance of about 1.5 meters to see if the noise will scare it. The good performance is that the dog will check the source of the noise, or continue after urging Play. If the dog is scared and refuses to play, it is too sensitive to be a family pet.

    Fourth, this is similar to the second one. When playing with a dog alone, roll the tennis ball over his face to see if he will go after the ball, and then he will bring it back to you when you call him. If it comes back, it will be easy to play frisbee and other games with it. If it doesn’t, it’s hard to expect it to learn to play more complex games like Frisbee.

    Labrador seldom barks in his life. He can hardly hear his barking. They are very friendly to old people, children and strangers, and their stable character will not let them jump on the old people or children at will. At home, the trained Labrador will also follow the instructions of its owner, help deliver some small items and so on.

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