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    Manchester Terrier is energetic, alert and smart. In fact, it is very lively and friendly with children. It can play with other small animals when it is young. Can be a good guard dog.

    Manchester is smart, alert, agile, clean and sanitary, loyal to the host and has a long life. The disadvantage is to like and admit only one master. Although his popularity is not high, he still has a very keen dog fan. It’s a charming, lively and emotional family dog.

    Manchester Terrier is a kind of dog produced by hunting rabbits and expelling rats. This kind of dog has a lot of courage, quick movements and a lot of impatience. Originally has the rough and impatient character, after a long time of breeding. Improved the current unique lively, alert and fast nature.

    Manchester Terrier should not be aggressive or timid. He is very precise, loyal but able to distinguish between the enemy and me. It’s a non noisy breed and friendly to other dogs. Excessive belligerence or timidity should be considered for disqualification.

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