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    The character of Pug dog is in sharp contrast with his appearance. Because he has a simple and honest face and has the advantage of super good character and temper, many pet people raise him. When he determines that you are his master, he will become very good. Very docile, it is usually very lively, very funny appearance to bring a lot of happiness to life.

    The pugs are born with a warm personality, they are cheerful and lively. And this kind of pet dog is also a very human dog. Like human beings, they have to go through different stages of growth, so their behavior will gradually show the opposite sex in the environment after tomorrow. The pugs want to be cared for and cared for by their owners, and they also need to be cared for and cared for by their owners. Because the psychological diseases, such as anxiety, depression, becoming withdrawn, etc., can also be around the pug.

    The appearance of a pug can seem dull and stupid, but it’s definitely a misunderstanding of appearance. The real character of a pug is very lively and very intelligent. Its character is absolutely not like its appearance. It looks silly. A pug is also a dog with a strong sense of self-esteem. Sometimes, they are stubborn. When the pugs think they are right, they will argue with their owners and express their dissatisfaction in their own way.

    In fact, the pug is kind-hearted, intelligent, has strong memory, rich feelings, cheerful personality, stable, gentle, lively and fun. It likes playing with children best. It doesn’t need much outdoor activities, so it is very suitable for raising in the apartment. It’s easy to train. It’s best to find someone else to train. But it’s very good at protecting its owner.

    If a stranger approaches, it barks very hard. And there are many wrinkles in the dog’s face. It’s characteristic to walk like a boxer. It’s a way of communication with grunting breath and horse like snuffle. At the same time, the dog has excellent and clean personality, which is the reason why it is widely loved. In a word, it’s a dog with personality and tenderness. It’s very suitable to be a domestic companion dog.

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