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    Husky’s appearance is handsome, exquisite facial features and rich body language are full of strange performance, without complex conversation, you can easily understand his emotions and sorrows. Husky is often a little nervous.

    Neuroticism: Husky has a little neuroticism, especially the mother dog. Always do some things that you break down inexplicably, such as walking on the road and suddenly gnawing grass, running around the house and starting to turn around. You have to be fully prepared to think that it is normal in the hair.

    Full saboteur: Everything in your home will be carefully checked n times to check the hardness of your purchase. This kind of serious degree, to the point that a friend of mine is going to buy a washbasin in a day. It not only tests your purchasing power, but also your economic power.

    Extremely free and lax. As soon as you go out, Husky escapes from your sight just like you’ve abused him for a long time, and the probability of recall is generally less than 30%. I remember a friend who told me that four legged Husky always thought that two legged parents could catch up with it Anyway, it is suggested that all users of Husky should be led. Don’t loosen the rope if you don’t have a good grasp of it. It’s a dream to think that a wolf like Husky can walk behind him obediently instead of running around.

    Special intestines and stomachs:
    Husky is too easy to have diarrhea. He drinks too much water and eats too much oil after meals. When he is used to dog food, he suddenly gives him a steamed bread to have diarrhea. Anyway, it is easy to have diarrhea.

    Energetic: it always wants to play, run and jump. You are so tired that you want to jump. It still comes to you with a ball in its mouth and gives you saliva. Even before you wake up and open your eyes, jump to bed and torture you for playing with you.

    Extreme enthusiasm: Husky is warm to you and to others. Maybe it’s a little crazier than being passionate about you.

    Ignore your existence: Go outside, no matter how you call it, it will walk by itself, anyway, ignore you is ignore you.

    Don’t like barking: Husky barks rarely. They only make wolf howling sound in some special circumstances. Although it sounds a little creepy at night, it suits its wolf like appearance, and many people may be proud of it. In most cases, husky hardly makes a sound, and many dog owners even suspect that they have a dumb dog.

    Intelligent and smart: Husky is a kind of very intelligent dog with strong curiosity and energy, which was used to pull sleds in the vast white snow in the past to guide people in the snow.

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